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GALEA, Mojca nepremičnine

Radvanjska 65, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

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  • Tax Number: 72421274
  • Language: English, German, Slovenian, Croatian

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Dear customers! Thank you for visiting Galea. We are here for you! I have been actively working on the real estate market since 2007. During this time I was already in the role of agent, broker, buyer, seller etc … You’ve learned a lot in the field over the years; unfortunately, the theory and name of a broker is not enough in practice. More than 100 realizations are needed. I understand what most customers want in the vast majority of cases, and I do this by asking many questions more than others. The more I know your wishes, the greater the chance for me to find a suitable property or a desired customer for you on the market. Some of the pains that happened to customers when selling / buying real estate in their own direction: They remain without part of the purchase price, they have part of the house, which is an extension, or an illegal garage, a terrace, … too low a price and sales dissatisfaction. Why do people trust me? They tell me that because of heartiness, difference and directness. The past experience and all that I have achieved formed me into what I am. A few words about me. In 2007, I started working on the real estate market as a co-founder and co-owner of a real estate company that is still successful in doing business today. I have done all the work, from leadership to sales and marketing, and in this way I have co-created the visibility and quality of agency services. For an independent trip, I decided on the basis of my intuition! First of all, I swear on a genuine relationship based on working with the heart. I know that intuition is not always enough and everywhere. People want results. Once, the party told me: “When I sold the apartment, I wanted a person who knows people that every visit to a potential customer will be soft and predictable. I wanted advice and a solid hand in managing from the beginning to the end when I handed the key to the new owner! “D.Ć. I wish you were not just a number on the real estate market. In my phone you are saved with a name and surname, with your clear wishes and needs – with the possibility of regular communication. Most important! Make the best of it …